Human Resource Certification to Enhance your Career

HR Professionals

The Certified Human Resource Professional and Certified Human Resource Manager certification (CHRP/CHRM) is a prestigious training and certification program from the American Certification Institute, USA. This course is offered by the esteemed ITI Institute. Here is more info about this 4-days certification and training course provided by the ITI Institute.
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Unique Certification to Become a Purchasing Professional

Certified Purchase Professional

CPP stands for Certified Purchasing Professional. It can be taken up by all purchasing professionals who are looking for the right credentials which will place them firmly on the path to success. This foundation course imparts the candidates with a basic understanding of procurement, international sourcing, and risk management. Professionals who are working in the procurement department of any company can take up this course to validate their professionalism and knowledge or to get certified for a promotion.
CPPM stands for Certified Professional Purchasing Manager. It is an advanced course which sharpens the skills of purchase managers and helps them develop an insight into the challenges faced by the industry. At this level of certification, case studies, complex problem solving and much more are taught.
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Accredited Certification to Become Office Administrator

Certified office Administrator

Candidates who wish to specialize in Office or Business Administration can take up the Certified Office Administrator (COA) / Certified Business Administrator (CBA), which is accredited by the American Certification Institute (ACI).
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Premium Training in International Contracts Management

Commercial Contracts Manager

In today’s business world, the role of contract managers are continuously changing. Their responsibilities vary greatly with different public and private firms. Apart from the roles assigned by these organizations, technology also has greatly modified their role by taking up the task-oriented activities, and leaving them with more time to handle more subjective tasks, build values, and gain soft skills. These changes have made diverse terms like contract, supply chain, buyer, procurement, purchasing, manager/specialist/ administrator, etc. synonymous. This merging has led different employers to demand professionals with similar set of soft competencies and job-specific technical skills.

The CICCM (The Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager) certification has been designed by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) to help candidates meet this demand. The ITI Institute offers the contracts manager certification program created by IPSCMI.
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Supply Chain Management is a field which integrates demand and supply management across and within organizations. It is gaining increased recognition as a strategic and core function within a company.
IPSCMI offers two premium certifications including the Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) and the Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM). The CISCP is the foundation course while the CISCM is its advanced level program.

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Exclusive Human Resource Certification to uplift your career


Human Resource Certification can certainly uplift your career in the current unemployment scenario and competitive job market. Here are the ways by which you would benefit from getting certified in the field of Human Resources.
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