The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) offers two internationally recognized certifications in the field of Supply Chain Management. The entry level certification is called the Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) and the advanced level is called the Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM). Both these are highly esteemed qualifications for the new-genre of supply chain experts.
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Six Career Benefits of Supply Chain Management Programs

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Programs

Several programs are offered in supply chain management by various renowned institutions today. These offer delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the way businesses operate. These enable them to learn the processes between organizations and within them. This article discusses the six key benefits of completing a supply chain management training program.
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Short Duration Courses in Supply Chain Management


A supply chain comprises of everyone involved in getting your product in the customers’ hands. Raw material collectors, transporters, manufacturers, wholesale warehouses, stock rooms, in-house staff, etc are involved in the supply chain.  The tasks and functions contributing to shifting that product, like sourcing, marketing, quality control, and procurement are also included in the supply chain.
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17 Facts on Six Sigma Green Belts

Facts on Six Sigma Green Belts

Green Belts are those professionals trained on the Six Sigma improvement methodology. In an organization, their role includes leading a process improvement team. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification program (SSGB) is a short course offered by the International Quality Federation, USA. Listed here below are 20 facts on Six Sigma Green Belt SSGB training.
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6 Benefits of the Fast Track CHRP/CHRM

Benefits of CHRP CHRM

Human Resource management is more than just employing professionals and drafting work policies. It also includes the ability to aptly respond to competitors’ moves and customers’ needs. HR executives and managers are thus responsible for ushering in the performance that drives results.
This program incorporates two certification courses viz., Certified Human Resource Professional Training and Certified Human Resource Manager Training .

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Top 5 Advantages of Becoming a Certified Human Resource Manager

Becoming a Certified Human Resource Manager

Certified Human Resource Manager training and certification course designed and offered by the American Certification Institute (ACI), USA. CHRM is its acronym. Seasoned HR managers and professionals would benefit from taking up this advanced course. For, it addresses the issues that these professionals face in their venture to add value and innovation to the HR functions within their organizations. Here are the benefits which can be enjoyed by HR officers, Personnel officers, supervisors, leaders, HR professionals, ER professionals, and engineers, by taking up the course.
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