–Certified Supply Chain Manager: A Door towards your Career Goals–

Supply Chain Manager has a serious and responsible task of inspecting the import or manufacture of the raw materials to be transported to other organizations.

Ideal Logistics and Supply Chain Certificatons for Career Opportunities

Logistics and Supply Chain Professional

The CISCP-CISCM program is a two-step qualification, with CISCP being the basic level and CISCM- the advanced level. This dual certification enables candidates to play their job role responsibly by cultivating specific skillsets, adaptability and disciplines in them. This program is offered by the IPSCMI around the world through its network of alliance partners.

All aspiring logistics and supply chain professionals would benefit from the CISCP program, while logistics professionals who want to climb to senior management positions would benefit from the CISCM program. It is mandatory that one gets CISCP certified before enrolling into the CISCM program. For more visit: http://itiinstitute.org/ideal-logistics-and-supply-chain-certificatons-for-career-opportunities/ .

Appropriate Certification Courses in Logistics and Supply Chain


In the recent years, there has been a significant growth in the importance for certification in logistics and supply chain. This is because, goods need to be obtained, stored and dispatched in all industries. Effective and efficient management of all these business functions is crucial in today’s business world. Companies need professionals who are equipped with integrated and comprehensive knowledge of logistics. The career opportunities offered to such professionals are a massive draw as all retail organizations have a supply chain where there are multiple employment opportunities.
Jobs in logistics and supply chain are open to all graduates. However, there is a higher demand for highly-skilled professionals with specific certifications in logistics and supply chain. The adaptability, skill sets, and disciplines imparted by a training and certification program in logistics and supply chain management can carve out a lucrative career for a professional in this field. For more visit : http://itiinstitute.org/appropriate-certification-courses-in-logistics-and-supply-chain/ .



The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) offers two internationally recognized certifications in the field of Supply Chain Management. The entry level certification is called the Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) and the advanced level is called the Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM). Both these are highly esteemed qualifications for the new-genre of supply chain experts.
For more visit: http://itiinstitute.org/ciscp-and-ciscm-an-overview/ .